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   Nursery-and-Orchard Farm INSAD is a firm created as a result of property transformation in Garden Experimental Department in Prussia near Skierniewice.

Formally it exists since 1995, but our experience is much older. We have been growing fruit since the fifties, and nursery stock since the sixties of last century. And these are a main direction of our activity carrying on 164 ha area.

In fruit production we use mechanization and new technologies of storage and preparation. We were ones of the first in Poland who used cold store ULO. Growing fruit we try to keep into account the specificities of the variety, rootstock and position. Among produced species of the leading position belongs to apples, pears and cherries, then, to a lesser extent, plums and cherries.

We use our experience gained in production of the fruit in production of nursery material, which is mostly free from disease and viruses. We produce both rootstock and trees - apples, pears, cherries, sour cherries. We were ones of the first who introduced on the market such varieties as Ligol ®, Gala Must ™, Alvah. Our variety is Mutsu NK (together with Andrew and Simon Nowakowski Nursery), Elpin ® and apricot Heja ®. As a few in Poland, we have a license for reproduction of the variety Red Jonaprince ® and the exclusive right to sell eyelets of Ligol ® variety.

                                                                                                    Yours faithfully
                                                                                                    Jan Krzewiński

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